About Me

Hometown: Potomac, MD
Current Residence: Austin, TX
Parents: Annette and Robin Ficker
Younger brothers: Robby and Flynn Ficker
Puppy: Pandora
Staple foods: sushi, chicken, spinach salad, rice bread, grapefruit, soy milk, coffee
Interests outside of training: snowboarding, vintage shopping, camping, sewing, traveling, photography, reading
Favorite movies: Life is Beautiful, Amelie, Napolean Dynamite, Royal Tenenbaums, Black Stallion
Athletic history:
I began running at a very young age under the guidance of my father. My parents were avid track and field fans and my childhood family vacations were centered around the World Track and Field circuit. I was fortunate enough to travel to Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Yugoslavia, Spain, Korea, and Japan all before I turned 16. I began competing in cross country/track and field Junior Olympics at the young age of nine, often times traveling all over the US to go to these races.
I continued running through high school and college, attending the University of Alabama on a track and field/cross country scholarship. After completing my degree and running collegiate career in December of 1998, I was eager to entertain my curiosity in the sport of triathlon. Watching the Hawaii Ironman broadcast on television had piqued my interest. I attended my first masters swim practice (torture session!) in March of 1999, bought my first triathlon bike and qualified for the Hawaii Ironman that summer. During this time I refused to wear a swim cap or bike shorts, thinking they were too “nerdy” and would ride century rides in running shorts. Little did I know how the joke was all on me!
I went on to compete for two years as an amateur, completing the Hawaii Ironman both years (1999-11:15, 2000-10:45, 2nd age group). I was also working as a teacher and a track and cross country coach in Maryland. In 2001 I accepted a spot on the resident team at the Olympic Training center, turned professional and spent a year living and training at the center in Colorado Springs, CO. From there I went on to live in Boulder, CO where I trained and raced under the tutelage of legend Dave Scott and have since moved to Austin, TX where I currently and happily reside.